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Well it’s been a little over a month since Windows 10 rolled out, and I’ve completed several upgrades, and one rollback. For those of you on fence about Windows 10, I can tell you there are some legitimate reasons to avoid it.

First, privacy concerns, in an effort to tailor computer use and internet browsing and even the apps and advertisements to the user, Windows 10 by default collects a lot of data on the user. There is not one simple way to shut it all down, outside of some applications that are being created by third-party users. I won’t go into a lot of detail on the how Windows 10 accomplishes this, but there are several programs to mitigate this. One example “Destroy Windows 10 Spying” makes it easy for you to limit the amount of spying.

Second, Windows 10 may not play well with older hardware. I think this is the most obvious reason to not upgrade your version of Windows, or it’s the most obvious reason to upgrade your hardware and windows. We all have a favorite gadget, and gadgets wear out or outlive their usefulness, or something else comes along that does everything a bit better. Of course the flip side is, it’s easier to keep using something you’re familiar with, rather than learn something new. Windows 10 may be a problem if you have a printer or a fax machine that you have to use for your home or business, you can check some compatibility sites or run Windows 10 own compatibility checker, but there is no guarantee that Windows 10 will work with your older hardware.

Third issue with upgraded, not all of your programs will transfer. Now this personally I’ve only had an issue on one computer upgrade, when the upgrade was finished some of the programs ran extremely slow or were unresponsive, I then proceeded to roll back to windows 8.1, which leads me to issue number four, if you upgrade and you don’t like it, the roll back feature is not perfect. You are then rolling the dice on having to reinstall your old version of Windows from scratch.

Now for the good, Windows 10 successfully bridged the gap between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (don’t ask about Vista, If you are still using Vista, upgrade today, don’t ask just do it.) and it is fast and responsive, and with few exceptions it runs all the programs I used in Windows 7/8.1. I haven’t had many issues with customers missing programs or having hardware that won’t install, I just wanted to be as open and honest in my issues with Windows 10 for my customers to make a decision on their upgrade options.




And Windows 10 is here!


For those of you who want to move beyond Windows 8/8.1 or even if you want to upgrade from Windows 7, Now (July 29th, 2015) is the time to get your free upgrade to Windows 10. Hurry now, because the deal expires and after it’s gone, it will cost you at least 100 bucks to upgrade later on.

For those customers who want Windows 10, but your internet cannot handle the download, or you just don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, Computer Corps is offering to perform the download and install for you. The total cost of this service is $35.00. Call 270 522 9090 to set up an appointment for the upgrade.

Some highlights about Windows 10:

Windows 10: Cortana, New Edge Browser, Return Of The Start Button

Aside from that fact that users will have to pay for the Windows 10 upgrade after a year, there are plenty of other reasons to accept the new release.

Windows 10 introduces Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant — similar to Apple’s Siri, which still isn’t available for the Mac desktop. Cortana will be available on tablets, smartphones, and desktops because Windows 10 runs seamlessly on each type of device — something Apple has yet to achieve with its upcoming release of El Capitan, the twelfth Mac OS X incarnation.


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Bad Hard Drives and Data Recovery

Last week I mentioned a customer who had their computer infected with ransom-ware and it reminded me of just how easy it is for all of us to lose our data. Well with that fresh on my mind, I wanted to make a few suggestions to customers who want to protect their data.

First, back up your data. Back up your data on a cloud server, such as: Icloud (Apple’s online storage solution), One Drive (Microsoft’s cloud storage solution), Google Drive or any other number of solutions. You can find some reviews here. You should of course be aware that anytime you store something on the internet, no matter how secure the site claims to be, there are always risks.

Second, use a local solution, or more than one. Thumb drives, Disk, External Hard drives. I know some of my older customers might want to use a floppy or zip drive, but those are becoming more and more uncommon in modern computers, mostly because their storage capacity is so limited.

A decent sized thumb drive is going to cost around $20.00, and is good solution for documents, and photos. If you need more than 16GB-64GB of data backup, then your best solution is going to be an external hard drive.

Third: if your computer tells you that it’s failing, do not ignore these warnings. Back up your data fast! If it’s already failed, or you’ve deleted important information, (to include information that was in the recycle bin) the worst thing you can do is to continue using the computer. The more you use a computer that has a virus or information loss, or failing hard drive, the harder and less likely it will be to save your data.

So remember, back up the important stuff, and if something goes wrong, time is of the essence.


Ransomware, and why you shouldn’t continue to use an infected machine



First, let me say that I’ve seen several compromised systems in my office, and currently working on one with a variant of cryptoware 2.0. Not a fun task telling a customer that their files have been encrypted by a criminal overseas, and that their chances of getting these files back are slim and none. So what is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware which restricts access to the computer system that it infects, and demands a ransom paid to the creator(s) of the malware in order for the restriction to be removed. Some forms of ransomware encrypt files on the system’s hard drive (cryptoviral extortion, a threat originally envisioned by Adam Young and Moti Yung), while some may simply lock the system and display messages intended to coax the user into paying.

Can it be removed? Yes. The issue is that the longer you use a system that is infected, the greater the chance you will lose more and more valuable files, not to mention that your personal information can be compromised. If your system is infected, do not pay bills, do not use websites that require a log in username and password, in other words a compromised system is one that can cost you more than a trip to a local computer repairman.



Computer Corps now uses Avira Antivirus


After reading the reviews posted at websites such as AV Test, We’ve decided that every computer we repair that doesn’t have a valid, up to date, or paid subscription, will have Avira installed before it leaves. This is part of the warranty that we give free of charge.

Windows 10 is coming!



Yes, it seems like just yesterday that windows 8 came out, and here we are with Windows 10 due to be released July 29th! Wow. Ok so before I copy and paste some links and information, I will say i’m impressed with the hardware Windows 10 supports. I tested it on an old dell Latitude D610. What’s impressive is that this laptop was designed for Windows XP, and here it is running Windows 10! The only issue I had to deal with was some drivers weren’t part of the install and I had to hunt them down.

I like that this version reminds me of a true cross of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. It’s fast, user friendly, and I think the part the customer is going to love? The software is free if you upgrade within the first year of release. (Windows 7 customers included.)


Some tidbits I found while doing research…

“On July 29, you can get Windows 10 for PCs and tablets by taking advantage of the free upgrade offer, or on a new Windows 10 PC from your favorite retailer,” Myerson added. “If you purchase a new Windows 8.1 device between now and then, the Windows 10 upgrade will be available to you and many retail stores will upgrade your new device for you.”

9 reasons why I’m ready to love Windows 10


Microsoft Edge is leaner, meaner, and faster than its predecessor, Internet Explorer.

Plus, it adds new features like the ability to scribble on and annotate web pages. You can even save pages for offline reading.

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