Bad Hard Drives and Data Recovery

Last week I mentioned a customer who had their computer infected with ransom-ware and it reminded me of just how easy it is for all of us to lose our data. Well with that fresh on my mind, I wanted to make a few suggestions to customers who want to protect their data.

First, back up your data. Back up your data on a cloud server, such as: Icloud (Apple’s online storage solution), One Drive (Microsoft’s cloud storage solution), Google Drive or any other number of solutions. You can find some reviews here. You should of course be aware that anytime you store something on the internet, no matter how secure the site claims to be, there are always risks.

Second, use a local solution, or more than one. Thumb drives, Disk, External Hard drives. I know some of my older customers might want to use a floppy or zip drive, but those are becoming more and more uncommon in modern computers, mostly because their storage capacity is so limited.

A decent sized thumb drive is going to cost around $20.00, and is good solution for documents, and photos. If you need more than 16GB-64GB of data backup, then your best solution is going to be an external hard drive.

Third: if your computer tells you that it’s failing, do not ignore these warnings. Back up your data fast! If it’s already failed, or you’ve deleted important information, (to include information that was in the recycle bin) the worst thing you can do is to continue using the computer. The more you use a computer that has a virus or information loss, or failing hard drive, the harder and less likely it will be to save your data.

So remember, back up the important stuff, and if something goes wrong, time is of the essence.


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